Photo Tours, Instruction & Tutoring

David Duhl has led photo expeditions and workshops since 1985. Custom expeditions are available for any group or the individual photographer. Both film and digital camera users are typically represented. Participants in David Duhl Photography classes become familiar with the use of their own camera equipment and the techniques of natural lighting, composition and close-up photography by the end of the class. Small classes ensure that these objectives are met.

Photo expeditions take place in a desired photographic locale and are custom designed for each group. With David Duhl Photography as your guide, you’ll rely on 20 years’ experience to get to the right place at the right time. Whether it’s photographing in our national parks or the mountains and Civil War battlefields of Tennessee, David Duhl Photography can work with your group to provide a memorable photo expedition.

Photographic workshops feature an instructional approach to photographing the outdoors in a photogenic location. Typically, two photographic presentations are intertwined with full days of photography, ensuring participants encounter and are comfortable with a variety of subjects. Problem solving is emphasized, and goals are set that serve a photographer long after the photo workshop ends. Tutoring is available to individuals or small groups only. Typical subjects are the use of cameras and lenses, photo basics, flash photography, and close-up photography.

Photo expeditions, workshops, and tutoring are can be arranged at any location, and are particularly well suited for camera clubs and organized groups.

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